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Famous movie in adult variation 18+ Avatar: Battle for Pandora


We present to you another porn parody of the cult film by James Cameron – Avatar. Almost identically coinciding with the main plot of the film, the parody will immerse you in a more realistic world on an exotic planet, where love is born not only among people and Na’vi, but also between them… In the film, you are waiting for you like old heroes – such as like the main character, the brave infantryman Sam Worthington and the incomparable Na’vi princess Neytiri, the evil Colonel Miles Quarich and the charming Trudy, but also completely new characters, meeting with whom will give the heroes of the film and you, dear users, unprecedented pleasure. Let’s watch and enjoy – 2 hours of excellent fucking with exotic aliens! Moreover, who knows… perhaps there will be a continuation of the cult story on our website

Date: May 27, 2024

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